My Man Godfrey 1936

A scatterbrained socialite hires a vagrant as a family butler...but there's more to Godfrey than meets the eye.

All Titles
  • Мой слуга Годфри
  • Mein Mann Godfrey
  • AR: La porfiada Irene La porfiada Irene
  • AT: Sie und der Kammerdiener Sie und der Kammerdiener
  • BR: Irene, a Teimosa Irene, a Teimosa
  • DK: Godfrey ordner alt Godfrey ordner alt
  • FI: Godfrey järjestää kaiken Godfrey järjestää kaiken
  • FR: Godfrey Godfrey
  • FR: Mon homme Godfrey Mon homme Godfrey
  • GR: O andras mou, o alitis O andras mou, o alitis
  • GR: Kamarieris gia oles tis douleies Kamarieris gia oles tis douleies
  • HU: My Man Godfrey My Man Godfrey
  • HU: Godfrey, a lakáj Godfrey, a lakáj
  • HU: Finom család Finom család
  • IT: L'impareggiabile Godfrey L'impareggiabile Godfrey
  • JP: Tsuzure to hôseki Tsuzure to hôseki
  • MX: Porfiada Irene Porfiada Irene
  • NL: Mijn man Godfrey Mijn man Godfrey
  • NO: Godfrey kan alt Godfrey kan alt
  • PL: Mój pan maz Mój pan maz
  • PT: Doidos Milionários Doidos Milionários
  • RO: Valetul meu Godfrey Valetul meu Godfrey
  • ES: Al servicio de las damas Al servicio de las damas
  • SE: Godfrey ordnar allt Godfrey ordnar allt
  • YU: Diskretni sobar Godfri Diskretni sobar Godfri
Directed by Gregory La Cava show all movies of Gregory La Cava
Artists Carole Lombard
as Irene Bullock
William Powell
as Godfrey
Ernie Adams
as Forgotten Man
Release date 06 Sep 1936
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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