Mutiny in the Big House 1939

A young man forges a check in order to help his mother, but is caught and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The prison chaplain, seeing that the new arrival is a good man who's had some bad ...

All Titles
  • Aufstand im Zuchthaus
  • AT: Aufstand im Zuchthaus Aufstand im Zuchthaus
  • BR: Um Crime em Sing Sing Um Crime em Sing Sing
  • FI: He uhmasivat lakia He uhmasivat lakia
  • FR: Les mutinés de Big House Les mutinés de Big House
  • GR: Sygrousis sto katergo Sygrousis sto katergo
  • IT: Gli ammutinati Gli ammutinati
  • MX: El cura y el penado El cura y el penado
  • NL: Oproer in de gevangenis Oproer in de gevangenis
  • PT: Casa de Ninguém Casa de Ninguém
  • ES: El cura del penal El cura del penal
  • SE: Män i bojor Män i bojor
Directed by William Nigh
Artists Charles Bickford
as Father Joe Collins
Edward Peil Sr.
as Prison Gate Guard
Release date 03 Jul 1951
Genre Crime Drama
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