Mrs. Miniver 1942

A British family struggles to survive the first months of World War II.

All Titles
  • Paní Miniverová
  • Миссис Минивер
  • AR: Rosa de Abolengo Rosa de Abolengo
  • AT: Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Miniver
  • BR: Rosa da Esperança Rosa da Esperança
  • BR: Rosa de Esperança Rosa de Esperança
  • BG: Госпожа Минивър Госпожа Минивър
  • CA: Madame Miniver Madame Miniver
  • DK: Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Miniver
  • EG: Alseyedah Miniver Alseyedah Miniver
  • FI: Rouva Miniver Rouva Miniver
  • FI: Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Miniver
  • FI: Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Miniver
  • FR: Madame Miniver Madame Miniver
  • GR: I kyria Miniver I kyria Miniver
  • GR: Η Κυρία Μίνιβερ Η Κυρία Μίνιβερ
  • HU: Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Miniver
  • IR: Khanom-e Miniver Khanom-e Miniver
  • IL: Gveret Miniver Gveret Miniver
  • IT: La signora Miniver La signora Miniver
  • MX: Rosa de abolengo Rosa de abolengo
  • PL: Pani Miniver Pani Miniver
  • PT: A Família Miniver A Família Miniver
  • ES: La senyora Miniver La senyora Miniver
  • ES: La señora Miniver La señora Miniver
  • SE: Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Miniver
  • TR: Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Miniver
  • UA: Мiсiс Мiнiвер Мiсiс Мiнiвер
Directed by William Wyler show all movies of William Wyler
Artists John Abbott
as Fred
Release date 21 Oct 1960
Genre Drama Romance War
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