Saved by the Bell

A close knit group of six friends try to make it through their teens while attending Bayside High School in Palisades, California.

All Titles
  • Спасённые звонком
  • As the Bell Rings
  • California High School
  • California Highschool
  • Salvado por la campana
  • Galera do Barulho
  • Zvono kao spas
  • Päästja koolikell
  • Sauvés par le gong
  • California Highschool - Pausenstreß und erste Liebe
  • California High School: Pausenstreß und erste Liebe
  • Prin htypisei to koudouni
  • Πριν χτυπήσει το κουδούνι
  • Bayside School
  • Byle do dzwonka
  • Já Tocou
  • Salvati de clopotel
  • Zvono kao spas
  • Salvados por la campana
  • Pang i plugget
  • Salvado por la campana
Directed by
Release date 20 Aug 1989
Genre Comedy Family Romance
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