Sky Riders

When an industrialist's wife and kids are kidnapped by terrorists in Greece, the woman's ex-husband comes to the rescue with a plan involving hang gliders.

All Titles
  • Hostages
  • Assault on the Forbidden Fortress
  • SkyRiders
  • Auf der Fährte des Adlers
  • Sky Riders
  • Fortaleza Proibida
  • Fortaleza do Inferno
  • Sky Riders
  • Sky Riders
  • Kotkanpesä
  • Intervention Delta
  • Kavallarides ton ouranon
  • Égi lovasok
  • Gli uomini falco
  • La fortaleza prohibida
  • La fortaleza prohibida
  • Os Cavaleiros do Céu
  • Călăreţii cerului
  • Ljudje orli
  • El asalto de los hombres pájaro
  • Draknästet
Directed by Douglas Hickox
Release date 21 May 1976
Genre Action Adventure
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