Astérix aux jeux olympiques

Astérix and Obélix compete at the Olympics in order to help their friend Lovesix marry Princess Irina. Brutus also tries to win the game with his own team and get rid of his father Julius Caesar.

All Titles
  • Astérix aux jeux olympiques
  • Asterix en los juegos olímpicos
  • Astérix aux jeux olympiques
  • Asterix nos Jogos Olímpicos
  • Астерикс на олимпийските игри
  • Astérix aux jeux olympiques
  • Asterix na Olimpijskim igrama
  • Asterix a Olympijské hry
  • Asterix og de olympiske lege
  • Asterix olympialaisissa
  • Asterix på olympiaden
  • Asterix bei den Olympischen Spielen
  • O Asterix stous olympiakous agones
  • Ο Αστερίξ στους Ολυμπιακούς αγώνες
  • Asterix az Olimpián
  • Ástríkur á Ólympíuleikunum
  • Asterix alle olimpiadi
  • Asterix en de Olympische Spelen
  • Asterix og de olympiske leker
  • Asterix na olimpiadzie
  • Astérix nos Jogos Olímpicos
  • Asterix la Jocurile Olimpice
  • Астерикс на Олимпийских играх
  • Asteriks na Olimpijadi
  • Astérix en los Juegos Olímpicos
  • Astérix på olympiaden
  • Asteriks olimpiyat oyunlari'nda
  • Астерiкс на Олiмпiйських iграх
  • Asterix at the Olympic Games
Directed by Frédéric Forestier,Thomas Langmann
Release date 31 Jan 2008
Genre Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy
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