Movie Crazy 1932

After a mix-up with application photograph, an aspiring actor is invited to a test screening and goes off to Hollywood.

All Titles
  • Безумное кино
  • AT: Der Kinonarr Der Kinonarr
  • BE: Silence... on tourne! Silence... on tourne!
  • BR: Cinemaníaco Cinemaníaco
  • DK: Filmtosset Filmtosset
  • FI: Filmikärpänen Filmikärpänen
  • FI: Filmihullu Filmihullu
  • FR: Silence... on tourne! Silence... on tourne!
  • FR: Le roi des cinglés Le roi des cinglés
  • DE: Filmverrückt Filmverrückt
  • GR: Siopi, to gyrisma arhizei Siopi, to gyrisma arhizei
  • HU: Moziőrült Moziőrült
  • IT: Follie del cinema Follie del cinema
  • PT: Louco Pelo Cinema Louco Pelo Cinema
  • ES: Cinemanía Cinemanía
  • SE: Filmflugan Filmflugan
Directed by Clyde Bruckman Harold Lloyd
Artists Lucy Beaumont
as Mrs. Hall
Bruce Bennett
as Dinner Guest
Edward Peil Sr.
as Waiter
Release date 23 Sep 1932
Genre Comedy Family Romance
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