Monsters University 2013

A look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley during their days at Monsters University -- when they weren't necessarily the best of friends.

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  • Monsters Inc. 2
  • Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise
  • AR: Monsters University Monsters University
  • BR: Monstros S.A. 2 Monstros S.A. 2
  • BR: Universidade Monstros Universidade Monstros
  • BG: Университет за таласъми Университет за таласъми
  • CA: L'Université des monstres L'Université des monstres
  • CN: Guaishou daxue Guaishou daxue
  • HR: Čudovišta sa sveučilišta Čudovišta sa sveučilišta
  • EE: Kollide ülikool Kollide ülikool
  • FI: Monsterit-yliopisto Monsterit-yliopisto
  • FI: Monsters studentliv Monsters studentliv
  • FR: Monstres Academy Monstres Academy
  • GE: Monstrebi Universiteti Monstrebi Universiteti
  • DE: Die Monster Uni Die Monster Uni
  • GR: Baboules panepistimiou Baboules panepistimiou
  • GR: Μπαμπούλες πανεπιστημίου Μπαμπούλες πανεπιστημίου
  • HK: Guaishou daxue Guaishou daxue
  • HK: Gwaaisau daaihok Gwaaisau daaihok
  • HU: Szörny Egyetem Szörny Egyetem
  • IS: Skrímslaháskólinn Skrímslaháskólinn
  • IR: Daneshgah-e hayulaha Daneshgah-e hayulaha
  • IL: Be'it sefer le'miflatzot Be'it sefer le'miflatzot
  • JP: Monsutâzu yunibâshiti Monsutâzu yunibâshiti
  • KZ: Монстрлар университетi Монстрлар университетi
  • LT: Monstru universitetas Monstru universitetas
  • MX: Monsters University Monsters University
  • NL: Monsters Universiteit Monsters Universiteit
  • NO: Monsteruniversitetet Monsteruniversitetet
  • PE: Monsters University Monsters University
  • PL: Uniwersytet Potworny Uniwersytet Potworny
  • PT: Monstros: A Universidade Monstros: A Universidade
  • RO: Universitatea monstrilor Universitatea monstrilor
  • RU: Университет монстров Университет монстров
  • RS: Univerzitet za monstrume Univerzitet za monstrume
  • SI: Posasti z univerze Posasti z univerze
  • KR: Monseuteo daehakgyo Monseuteo daehakgyo
  • ES: Monstruos University Monstruos University
  • SE: Monsters studentliv Monsters studentliv
  • SE: Monsters University Monsters University
  • TW: Guaishou daxue Guaishou daxue
  • TR: Sevimli Canavarlar Üniversitesi Sevimli Canavarlar Üniversitesi
  • UA: Унiверситет монстрiв Унiверситет монстрiв
  • VN: Lo dao tao quai vat Lo dao tao quai vat
  • VN: Lò Dào Tao Quát Vât Lò Dào Tao Quát Vât
Directed by Dan Scanlon
Artists Steve Buscemi
as Randy
Billy Crystal
as Mike
John Goodman
as Sullivan
Release date 21 Jun 2013
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy
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Monsters University 2013