Mom 2013

A newly sober single mom tries to pull her life together in Napa Valley while dealing with her wayward mother.

All Titles
  • BG: Мама Мама
  • HR: Mamica Mamica
  • FI: Mutsi Mutsi
  • FR: Mom Mom
  • GR: Μαμά Μαμά
  • HU: Anyák gyöngye Anyák gyöngye
  • PL: Mamuska Mamuska
  • PT: Vida de Mãe Vida de Mãe
  • RO: Mom Mom
  • RU: Мамаша Мамаша
  • RS: Mama Mama
  • ES: Mom Mom
Artists Beverly D'Angelo
as 3 episodes, 2015
Edward Asner
as 1 episode, 2014
Ellen Burstyn
as 1 episode, 2015
Release date 23 Sep 2013
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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