Modern Family 2009

Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

All Titles
  • Untitled Steven Levitan/Christopher Lloyd Project
  • An American Family
  • My American Family
  • BR: Família Moderna Família Moderna
  • BR: Modern Family Modern Family
  • BG: Модерно семейство Модерно семейство
  • HR: Moderna obitelj Moderna obitelj
  • CZ: Taková moderní rodinka Taková moderní rodinka
  • EE: Moodne perekond Moodne perekond
  • FI: Moderni perhe Moderni perhe
  • FI: Moderni perhe Moderni perhe
  • FR: Modern Family Modern Family
  • GE: Tanamedrove ojakhi Tanamedrove ojakhi
  • DE: Modern Family Modern Family
  • GR: Modern Family Modern Family
  • GR: Μοντέρνα Οικογένεια Μοντέρνα Οικογένεια
  • HU: Modern család Modern család
  • HU: Egy rém modern család Egy rém modern család
  • IT: Modern Family Modern Family
  • LT: Moderni šeima Moderni šeima
  • PL: Wspólczesna rodzina Wspólczesna rodzina
  • PT: Uma Família Muito Moderna Uma Família Muito Moderna
  • RO: O familie moderna O familie moderna
  • RU: Американская семейка Американская семейка
  • RS: Moderna porodica Moderna porodica
  • SI: Sodobna družina Sodobna družina
  • ES: Modern Family Modern Family
  • TR: Modern Family Modern Family
  • UA: Американська сiмейка Американська сiмейка
  • UY: Modern Family Modern Family
  • VN: Gia Dinh Hien Dai Gia Dinh Hien Dai
Artists Jami Gertz
as 1 episode, 2011
Ray Liotta
as 1 episode, 2016
Fred Savage
as 1 episode, 2018
Release date 23 Sep 2009
Genre Comedy Romance
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Modern Family 2009