Meet Monica Velour 2010

When an awkward teen meets his favorite porn star, whose career peaked in the '80s, an unexpected friendship follows as the young man gets a glimpse inside Monica Velour's current life as a single mom struggling to make ends meet.

All Titles
  • Miss January
  • AR: Conociendo a Monica Velour Conociendo a Monica Velour
  • BR: Procurando Monica Velour Procurando Monica Velour
  • GR: Oneireftika ti Monica Oneireftika ti Monica
  • HU: Félédes álom Félédes álom
  • IT: Monica Velour - Il Grande Sogno Monica Velour - Il Grande Sogno
  • PT: Monica Velour - A Estrela Monica Velour - A Estrela
  • RU: Я и Моника Велюр Я и Моника Велюр
  • ES: Una stripper en tu vida Una stripper en tu vida
Directed by Keith Bearden
Artists Kim Cattrall
as Monica Velour
Brian Dennehy
as Pop Pop
Peter Carey
as Lead Cop
Release date 05 Apr 2010
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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