Man from Del Rio 1956

A fast Mexican-American gunman kills a few notorious gunfighters and is hired to replace Mesa's dead sheriff but a crooked saloon-keeper wants him on his payroll or out-of-the-way.

All Titles
  • The Man from Del Rio
  • Der Mann von Del Rio
  • BR: Blefando com a Morte Blefando com a Morte
  • BR: Blefando a Morte Blefando a Morte
  • CA: Man from Del Rio Man from Del Rio
  • DK: Manden fra Del Rio Manden fra Del Rio
  • FI: Kostaja Del Riosta Kostaja Del Riosta
  • FR: Le tueur et la belle Le tueur et la belle
  • HU: A Del Rio- i ember A Del Rio- i ember
  • IT: La pistola non basta La pistola non basta
  • PT: Um homem só Um homem só
  • RO: Omul din Del Rio Omul din Del Rio
  • ES: Un revolver solitario Un revolver solitario
  • SE: Mannen från Del Rio Mannen från Del Rio
  • TR: Rio kahramani Rio kahramani
Directed by Harry Horner
Artists Anthony Quinn
as Dave Robles
Release date 30 Oct 1956
Genre Romance Western
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