Major Crimes 2012

The Closer (2005) spin-off series, which follows Captain Raydor of the Los Angeles Police Department.

All Titles
  • AR: Crímenes mayores Crímenes mayores
  • BR: Crimes Graves Crimes Graves
  • BG: Углавни престъпления Углавни престъпления
  • FI: Rikoksista pahin Rikoksista pahin
  • FR: Major Crimes Major Crimes
  • HU: Gyilkos ügyek Gyilkos ügyek
  • IT: Major Crimes Major Crimes
  • LT: Sunkiu nusikaltimu skyrius Sunkiu nusikaltimu skyrius
  • PL: Mroczne zagadki Los Angeles Mroczne zagadki Los Angeles
  • RU: Особо тяжкие преступления Особо тяжкие преступления
  • RS: Teški zločini Teški zločini
  • ES: Major Crimes Major Crimes
Artists Sherilyn Fenn
as 1 episode, 2016
Luke Perry
as 1 episode, 2014
D.B. Sweeney
as 3 episodes, 2012-2016
Release date 13 Aug 2012
Genre Crime Drama Mystery
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