Madam Satan 1930

Angela and Bob Brooks are an upper class couple. Unfortunately, Bob is an unfaithful husband. But Angela has a plan to win back her husband's affections. An elaborate masquerade ball is to ...

All Titles
  • AT: Madame Satan Madame Satan
  • BR: Madame Satã Madame Satã
  • DK: Madame Satan Madame Satan
  • FR: Madame Satan Madame Satan
  • DE: Madam Satan Madam Satan
  • GR: I gynaika mou satanas I gynaika mou satanas
  • IT: Madame Satan Madame Satan
  • PT: Madame Satan Madame Satan
  • ES: Madame Satán Madame Satán
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Artists Cecil B. DeMille
as Radio Newscaster (voice)
Judith Arlen
as Undetermined Secondary Role
Earl Askam
as Pirate
Release date 20 Sep 1930
Genre Musical Romance Comedy
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