Lundi matin 2002

A story told quietly of Vincent a welder at a large and seemingly toxic plant along the Rhône, living in a village with his sons, wife, and mother, saying little to each other. Vincent ...

All Titles
  • FR: Lundi matin Lundi matin
  • AT: Montag morgen Montag morgen
  • GE: Orshabat dilas Orshabat dilas
  • DE: Montag morgen Montag morgen
  • GR: Deftera proi Deftera proi
  • HU: Hétfő reggel Hétfő reggel
  • IT: Lunedì mattina Lunedì mattina
  • PL: W poniedzialek rano W poniedzialek rano
  • PT: Segunda de Manhã Segunda de Manhã
  • RO: Luni de dimineata Luni de dimineata
  • RU: Утро понедельника Утро понедельника
  • ES: Lunes por la mañana Lunes por la mañana
  • SE: Måndag morgon Måndag morgon
  • FR: Monday Morning Monday Morning
Directed by Otar Iosseliani show all movies of Otar Iosseliani
Artists Mathieu Amalric
as Voice
Pascal Aubier
as Un cosaque
Release date 12 Dec 2002
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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