Lundi matin 2002

A story told quietly of Vincent a welder at a large and seemingly toxic plant along the Rhône, living in a village with his sons, wife, and mother, saying little to each other. Vincent ...

All Titles
  • FR: Lundi matin Lundi matin
  • AT: Montag morgen Montag morgen
  • GE: Orshabat dilas Orshabat dilas
  • DE: Montag morgen Montag morgen
  • GR: Deftera proi Deftera proi
  • HU: Hétfő reggel Hétfő reggel
  • IT: Lunedì mattina Lunedì mattina
  • PL: W poniedzialek rano W poniedzialek rano
  • PT: Segunda de Manhã Segunda de Manhã
  • RO: Luni de dimineata Luni de dimineata
  • RU: Утро понедельника Утро понедельника
  • ES: Lunes por la mañana Lunes por la mañana
  • SE: Måndag morgon Måndag morgon
  • FR: Monday Morning Monday Morning
Directed by Otar Iosseliani
Artists Mathieu Amalric
as Voice
Pascal Aubier
as Un cosaque
Release date 12 Dec 2002
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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