Lucky You 2007

A hotshot poker player tries to win a tournament in Vegas, but is fighting a losing battle with his personal problems.

All Titles
  • AR: Pura suerte Pura suerte
  • BR: Bem-Vindo ao Jogo Bem-Vindo ao Jogo
  • BG: Щастливецът Щастливецът
  • CA: La chance dans la balance La chance dans la balance
  • CL: Pura Suerte Pura Suerte
  • HR: Blefer Blefer
  • EE: Ikka veab Ikka veab
  • FI: Lucky You Lucky You
  • FI: Lucky You - onnenpeliä Lucky You - onnenpeliä
  • FR: Lucky You Lucky You
  • DE: Glück im Spiel Glück im Spiel
  • GR: Lucky You Lucky You
  • HU: Szerencse dolga Szerencse dolga
  • IT: Le regole del gioco Le regole del gioco
  • LT: Naktys Las Vegase Naktys Las Vegase
  • PL: Pokerowy blef Pokerowy blef
  • PL: Lucky You - Pokerowy blef Lucky You - Pokerowy blef
  • PT: Um Golpe de Sorte Um Golpe de Sorte
  • RO: Norocosul Norocosul
  • RU: Beзунчик Beзунчик
  • SI: Srecnez Srecnez
  • ES: Lucky You Lucky You
Directed by Curtis Hanson
Artists Drew Barrymore
as Billie Offer
Robert Downey Jr.
as Telephone Jack
Robert Duvall
as L. C. Cheever
Release date 04 May 2007
Genre Drama Romance Sport
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