Lower Learning 2008

Geraldine Ferraro Elementary is on the brink of collapse: the lowest test scores in the state, teachers who are either drunk or having sex on school grounds, and a principal who extorts ...

All Titles
  • BR: Educação às Avessas Educação às Avessas
  • BG: Долен клас Долен клас
  • CA: Sauvés par la cloche Sauvés par la cloche
  • CZ: Zvlástní skola Zvlástní skola
  • FR: Desperate Teachers Desperate Teachers
  • HU: Alulképző Alulképző
  • PL: Cialo bardzo niepedagogiczne Cialo bardzo niepedagogiczne
  • PT: Escola Sem Regras Escola Sem Regras
  • RU: Низшее образование Низшее образование
Directed by Mark Lafferty
Artists Timothy Dowling
as Robber (as Tim Dowling)
Jason Biggs
as Tom Willoman
Erik Palladino
as Smooth Bob Willoman
Release date 06 Jul 2013
Genre Comedy
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