Love Lies Bleeding 2008

Action Crime Thriller

A struggling young couple stumbles upon a cache of dirty money after a shootout in their apartment building. With hopes of a better life they flee with the money -- provoking the fury of a ...

All Titles
  • BG: Окървавена любов Окървавена любов
  • FR: Le prix de la trahison Le prix de la trahison
  • GR: Efkolo hrima Efkolo hrima
  • HU: Piszkos románc Piszkos románc
  • IT: Love lies bleeding - Soldi sporchi Love lies bleeding - Soldi sporchi
  • PT: Amor e Corrupção Amor e Corrupção
  • RU: Любовь и вымогательство Любовь и вымогательство
  • RS: Ljubav krvari Ljubav krvari
  • ES: Dinero sucio Dinero sucio
Keith Samples
Brian Geraghty
as Duke
Jenna Dewan
as Amber
Jacob Vargas
as Det. Billy Jones
Released 15 Jan 2008
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