Love Happy 1949

The Marx Brothers help young Broadway hopefuls while thwarting diamond thieves.

All Titles
  • Счастливая любовь
  • Blonde Heaven
  • Blondes Up
  • Hearts and Diamonds
  • Diamonds in the Basement
  • Kleptomaniacs
  • Glücklich verliebt
  • Die Marx Brothers im Theater
  • AR: Locos de atar Locos de atar
  • BE: La chasse au trésor La chasse au trésor
  • BE: Op jacht naar de schat Op jacht naar de schat
  • BE: Liefdevreugde Liefdevreugde
  • BR: Loucos de Amor Loucos de Amor
  • BG: Щастлива любов Щастлива любов
  • DK: Sardinmysteriet Sardinmysteriet
  • FI: Sardinmysteriet Sardinmysteriet
  • FI: Sardiinimysteerio Sardiinimysteerio
  • FR: La pêche au trésor La pêche au trésor
  • GR: Trelloi erotevmenoi Trelloi erotevmenoi
  • IT: Una notte sui tetti Una notte sui tetti
  • JP: Ravu Happî Ravu Happî
  • NZ: Helter Skelter Helter Skelter
  • NO: Sardinmysteriet Sardinmysteriet
  • PT: Louco por Mulheres Louco por Mulheres
  • ES: Amor en conserva Amor en conserva
  • SE: Sardinmysteriet Sardinmysteriet
  • TR: Üç ahbap çavuslar elmas pesinde Üç ahbap çavuslar elmas pesinde
  • UY: Locos de atar Locos de atar
Directed by David Miller
Artists Groucho Marx
as Detective Sam Grunion - Narrator of the Story
Marilyn Monroe
as Grunion's Client
Release date 03 Mar 1950
Genre Comedy Crime Music
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