Loro 2018

During a tumultuous period in the career of Silvio Berlusconi, as his marriage to second wife Veronica Lario fractures, LORO speculates on what may or may not have taken place behind closed...

All Titles
  • IT: Loro Loro
  • CA: Loro Loro
  • DK: Silvio og de andre Silvio og de andre
  • FR: Silvio et les autres Silvio et les autres
  • DE: Loro Loro
  • HU: Silvio és a többiek Silvio és a többiek
  • IE: Loro Loro
  • IT: Loro Loro
  • RU: Лоро Лоро
  • ES: Silvio (y los otros) Silvio (y los otros)
  • TR: Loro Loro
  • UA: Сільвіо та інші Сільвіо та інші
  • UA: Loro Loro
  • IT: Them Them
Directed by Paolo Sorrentino
Artists Fabrizio Bentivoglio
as Santino Recchia
Anna Bonaiuto
as Cupa Caiafa
Paolo Buglioni
as Ernesto Morra
Release date 20 Sep 2019
Genre Biography Drama
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