Little Man, What Now? 1934

A young couple struggling against poverty must keep their marriage a secret in order for the husband to keep his job, as his boss doesn't like to hire married men.

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  • BR: Vale a Pena Viver? Vale a Pena Viver?
  • FR: Et demain? Et demain?
  • GR: Eno i zoi diavainei Eno i zoi diavainei
  • HU: Mi lesz veled, Emberke? Mi lesz veled, Emberke?
  • IT: E adesso pover'uomo? E adesso pover'uomo?
  • PL: Co teraz, maly czlowieku? Co teraz, maly czlowieku?
  • ES: ¿Y ahora, qué? ¿Y ahora, qué?
Directed by Frank Borzage
Artists Alan Hale
as Holger Jachman
Robert Agnew
as Bit Role
Max Asher
as Chauffeur
Release date 04 Jun 1934
Genre Drama
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