Little Children 2006

The lives of two lovelorn spouses from separate marriages, a registered sex offender, and a disgraced ex-police officer intersect as they struggle to resist their vulnerabilities and temptations in suburban Massachusetts.

All Titles
  • AR: Secretos íntimos Secretos íntimos
  • BR: Pecados Íntimos Pecados Íntimos
  • BG: Малки деца Малки деца
  • CA: Les enfants de choeur Les enfants de choeur
  • CL: Secretos íntimos Secretos íntimos
  • HR: Mala djeca Mala djeca
  • EE: Väikesed lapsed Väikesed lapsed
  • FI: Salaiset leikit Salaiset leikit
  • FR: Little Children Little Children
  • DE: Little Children Little Children
  • GR: Kryfes epithymies Kryfes epithymies
  • GR: Κρυφές επιθυμίες Κρυφές επιθυμίες
  • HU: Apró titkok Apró titkok
  • LT: Maži vaikai Maži vaikai
  • MX: Secretos íntimos Secretos íntimos
  • NO: Som små barn Som små barn
  • PE: Secretos íntimos Secretos íntimos
  • PL: Male dzieci Male dzieci
  • PT: Pecados Íntimos Pecados Íntimos
  • RO: Mici copii Mici copii
  • RU: Как малые дети Как малые дети
  • RS: Mala deca Mala deca
  • SI: Mali otroci Mali otroci
  • ES: Juegos secretos Juegos secretos
  • TR: Tutku oyunlari Tutku oyunlari
  • UA: Як малi дiти Як малi дiти
  • VE: Secretos íntimos Secretos íntimos
Directed by Todd Field
Artists Jennifer Connelly
as Kathy Adamson
Kate Winslet
as Sarah Pierce
Trini Alvarado
as Theresa
Release date 09 Feb 2007
Genre Drama Romance
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