Lisztomania 1975

Composer and pianist Franz Liszt attempts to overcome his hedonistic lifestyle while repeatedly being drawn back into it by the many women in his life and fellow composer Richard Wagner.

All Titles
  • UA: Lisztomania Lisztomania
  • BR: Lisztomania Lisztomania
  • CL: Lisztomania Lisztomania
  • DK: Fed musik og sex på drengen Fed musik og sex på drengen
  • FI: Lisztomania Lisztomania
  • GR: Lisztomania Lisztomania
  • HU: Lisztománia Lisztománia
  • IT: Litzomania Litzomania
  • UA: Листомания Листомания
  • VE: Lisztomanía Lisztomanía
Directed by Ken Russell
Artists Oliver Reed
as Princess Carolyn's Servant
Roger Daltrey
as Franz Liszt
Nell Campbell
as Olga Janina
Release date 07 May 1976
Genre Biography Comedy Music Musical
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