Limelight 1952

A fading comedian and a suicidally despondent ballet dancer must look to each other to find meaning and hope in their lives.

All Titles
  • Огни рампы
  • Rampenlicht
  • AR: Candilejas Candilejas
  • BE: Les feux de la rampe Les feux de la rampe
  • BE: Voetlichten Voetlichten
  • BR: Luzes da Ribalta Luzes da Ribalta
  • BG: Светлините на рампата Светлините на рампата
  • CA: Les feux de la rampe Les feux de la rampe
  • CZ: Svetla ramp Svetla ramp
  • DK: Rampelys Rampelys
  • FI: Parrasvalot Parrasvalot
  • FR: Les feux de la rampe Les feux de la rampe
  • DE: Rampenlicht Rampenlicht
  • GR: Ta fota tis rampas Ta fota tis rampas
  • GR: Τα φώτα της ράμπας Τα φώτα της ράμπας
  • HU: Rivaldafény Rivaldafény
  • IT: Luci della ribalta Luci della ribalta
  • LT: Rampos šviesa Rampos šviesa
  • MX: Candilejas Candilejas
  • NO: Rampelys Rampelys
  • PL: Swiatla rampy Swiatla rampy
  • PT: Luzes da Ribalta Luzes da Ribalta
  • RO: Luminile rampei Luminile rampei
  • RS: Svetla pozornice Svetla pozornice
  • ES: Bateria de llums Bateria de llums
  • ES: Candilejas Candilejas
  • SE: Rampljus Rampljus
  • TR: Sahne isiklari Sahne isiklari
  • UY: Candilejas Candilejas
Directed by Charles Chaplin
Artists Buster Keaton
as Calvero's Partner
Charles Chaplin
as Calvero
Geraldine Chaplin
as Little Girl in Opening Scene
Release date 24 Sep 1954
Genre Drama Music Romance
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