Less Than Perfect 2002

Huge egos. Backbiting assistants. Screaming deadlines. Claudia "Claude" Casey has moved up in the secretarial world of television news, from permanent floater to the anchor's desk. It's a ...

All Titles
  • AR: Less Than Perfect Less Than Perfect
  • BG: Колеги гадняри Колеги гадняри
  • DE: Office Girl Office Girl
  • IT: Perfetti... ma non troppo Perfetti... ma non troppo
  • PL: Prawie doskonali Prawie doskonali
  • RU: Клава, давай! Клава, давай!
  • ES: Como la vida misma Como la vida misma
  • SE: Inte helt perfekt Inte helt perfekt
Artists Pamela Anderson
as 1 episode, 2003
Lesley Ann Warren
as 1 episode, 2004
Caroline Aaron
as 1 episode, 2002
Release date 01 Oct 2002
Genre Comedy
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