Les rois mages 2001

Through a quirk in the space time continuun the three magi (the director Didier Bourdon as Balthazar, Bernard Campan as Melchior, and Pascal Legitimus as Gaspard) find themselves in various...

All Titles
  • FR: Les rois mages Les rois mages
  • HU: A három királyok A három királyok
  • RO: Cei trei de la rasarit Cei trei de la rasarit
  • RU: Трое волхвов Трое волхвов
  • RS: Tri mudraca Tri mudraca
  • FR: The Three Kings The Three Kings
Directed by Didier Bourdon,Bernard Campan show all movies of Didier Bourdon,Bernard Campan
Artists Claude Berri
as Un passant
Walid Afkir
as Jo
Release date 12 Dec 2001
Genre Comedy Fantasy
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