Legionnaire 1998

Alain is a boxer in 1925 Marseille, France. When he doesn't take the dive paid to take by a mob boss, he has to split. He joins the Foreign Legion and is sent to Morocco. He makes 3 friends and they watch each other's backs.

All Titles
  • AR: Legionario Legionario
  • BR: O Legionário O Legionário
  • BG: Легионерът Легионерът
  • CA: Légionnaire Légionnaire
  • DK: Fremmedlegionen Fremmedlegionen
  • FI: Legioonalainen Legioonalainen
  • FR: Légionnaire Légionnaire
  • DE: Der Legionär Der Legionär
  • DE: Jean Claude van Damme - Der Legionär Jean Claude van Damme - Der Legionär
  • DE: Der Legionär - Seine Zukunft heißt vergessen Der Legionär - Seine Zukunft heißt vergessen
  • GR: O legeonarios O legeonarios
  • GR: Ο λεγεωνάριος Ο λεγεωνάριος
  • HU: A légiós A légiós
  • IT: The Legionary - Fuga all'inferno The Legionary - Fuga all'inferno
  • PL: Legionista Legionista
  • PT: A Legião dos Duros A Legião dos Duros
  • RO: Legionarul Legionarul
  • RU: Легионер Легионер
  • RS: Legionar Legionar
  • ES: Soldado de fortuna Soldado de fortuna
  • TR: Çöl kaplani Çöl kaplani
Directed by Peter MacDonald
Artists Jean-Claude Van Damme
as Alain Lefevre
Steven Berkoff
as Sgt. Steinkampf
Tom Delmar
as Cpl. Legros
Release date 10 Jun 1999
Genre Action Adventure Drama War
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