Legend 1985

A young man must stop the Lord of Darkness from both destroying daylight and marrying the woman he loves.

All Titles
  • Легенда
  • Die Legende
  • Legende
  • AR: Leyenda Leyenda
  • BR: A Lenda A Lenda
  • CA: Legend Legend
  • HR: Legenda Legenda
  • CZ: Legenda Legenda
  • DK: Legend Legend
  • FI: Legenden Legenden
  • FI: Legenda Legenda
  • FR: Legend Legend
  • DE: Legende Legende
  • GR: Thrylos Thrylos
  • GR: Θρύλος Θρύλος
  • HU: Legenda Legenda
  • IL: Agada Agada
  • IT: Legend Legend
  • JP: Legend Legend
  • LT: Legenda Legenda
  • MX: Leyenda Leyenda
  • PE: Leyenda Leyenda
  • PL: Legenda Legenda
  • PT: A Lenda da Floresta A Lenda da Floresta
  • RO: Legenda Legenda
  • RS: Legenda Legenda
  • SI: Legenda Legenda
  • ES: Legend Legend
  • SE: Legenden - Mörkrets härskare Legenden - Mörkrets härskare
  • TR: Efsane Efsane
  • UA: Легенда Легенда
  • UA: Legend of Darkness Legend of Darkness
  • UY: Leyenda Leyenda
  • YU: Legenda Legenda
  • YU: Legenda Legenda
  • YU: Legenda Legenda
Directed by Ridley Scott show all movies of Ridley Scott
Artists Tom Cruise
as Jack
Mia Sara
as Lili
Tim Curry
as Darkness
Release date 18 Apr 1986
Genre Adventure Fantasy Romance
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