Legally Blonde 2001

Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to follow him to law school, while she is there she figures out that there is more to her than just looks.

All Titles
  • AR: Legalmente rubia Legalmente rubia
  • BR: Legalmente Loira Legalmente Loira
  • BG: Професия блондинка Професия блондинка
  • CA: Blonde et légale Blonde et légale
  • CL: Legalmente Rubia Legalmente Rubia
  • HR: Plavuša s Harvarda Plavuša s Harvarda
  • CZ: Pravá blondýnka Pravá blondýnka
  • DK: Blondinens hævn Blondinens hævn
  • EE: Arukas blondiin Arukas blondiin
  • FI: Blondin kosto Blondin kosto
  • FI: En blondins rätt En blondins rätt
  • FR: La revanche d'une blonde La revanche d'une blonde
  • DE: Natürlich blond! Natürlich blond!
  • GR: I ekdikisi tis xanthias I ekdikisi tis xanthias
  • GR: Η εκδίκηση της ξανθιάς Η εκδίκηση της ξανθιάς
  • HU: Doktor Szöszi Doktor Szöszi
  • IT: La rivincita delle bionde La rivincita delle bionde
  • JP: Cutie Blonde Cutie Blonde
  • JP: Cutie Blonde Cutie Blonde
  • LT: Užsispyrusi blondine Užsispyrusi blondine
  • MX: Legalmente rubia Legalmente rubia
  • NO: Lovlig blond Lovlig blond
  • PE: Legalmente rubia Legalmente rubia
  • PL: Legalna blondynka Legalna blondynka
  • PT: Legalmente Loira Legalmente Loira
  • RO: Blonda de la drept Blonda de la drept
  • RU: Блондинка в законе Блондинка в законе
  • RS: Pravna plavuša Pravna plavuša
  • SI: Blondinka s Harvarda Blondinka s Harvarda
  • ES: Una rubia muy legal Una rubia muy legal
  • TR: Bu nasil sarisin! Bu nasil sarisin!
  • UA: Бiлявка в законi Бiлявка в законi
Directed by Robert Luketic
Artists Raquel Welch
as Mrs. Windham Vandermark
Reese Witherspoon
as Elle Woods
Victor Garber
as Professor Callahan
Release date 13 Jul 2001
Genre Comedy Romance
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