Le fils préféré 1994

Nicole Garcia's film shows a family through an adult man's figure, and his weekdays. The main character is one of the sons of an old and ill man who is in hospital nowadays. The father has ...

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  • FR: Le fils préféré Le fils préféré
  • AR: El hijo preferido El hijo preferido
  • BR: O Filho Preferido O Filho Preferido
  • CO: El hijo preferido El hijo preferido
  • DE: Der Lieblingssohn Der Lieblingssohn
  • HU: Apám életére Apám életére
  • PL: Ulubiony syn Ulubiony syn
  • : The Favorite Son The Favorite Son
Directed by Nicole Garcia show all movies of Nicole Garcia
Artists Jean-Marc Barr
as Philippe
Release date 21 Dec 1994
Genre Drama
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