Laramie 1963

It is the 1870s in the Wyoming Territory, Slim Sherman and his fourteen-year-old brother Andy try to hang on to their ranch after their father's death.

All Titles
  • Ларами
  • Am Fuß der Blauen Berge
  • AR: Laramie Laramie
  • BR: Laramie Laramie
  • FR: Laramie Laramie
  • DE: Am Fuß der Blauen Berge Am Fuß der Blauen Berge
  • ES: Laramie Laramie
Artists Ernest Borgnine
as Boone Caudie / 2 episodes, 1959-1960
James Coburn
as Finch / 2 episodes, 1959-1961
Release date 15 Sep 1959
Genre Western
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