Labor Pains 2009

A young woman pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid being fired from her job. When that gets her special treatment by everyone involved in her life, she tries to keep up the lie for nine months.

All Titles
  • BR: Meu Trabalho é um Parto Meu Trabalho é um Parto
  • BG: Родилни мъки Родилни мъки
  • CA: Drôle de grossesse Drôle de grossesse
  • DK: Store forventninger Store forventninger
  • FI: Kettu repussa Kettu repussa
  • FR: En cloque mais pas trop En cloque mais pas trop
  • DE: (K)ein bisschen schwanger (K)ein bisschen schwanger
  • GR: Afer-engyos Afer-engyos
  • HU: Kismamának áll a világ Kismamának áll a világ
  • IT: Incinta... o quasi Incinta... o quasi
  • MX: Casi embarazada Casi embarazada
  • PE: Casi embarazada Casi embarazada
  • PL: Prawo ciazenia Prawo ciazenia
  • PT: Grávida... Mas Pouco! Grávida... Mas Pouco!
  • RO: Munca-i un travaliu Munca-i un travaliu
  • RU: Временно беременна Временно беременна
  • ES: Un trabajo embarazoso Un trabajo embarazoso
  • TR: Dogum Sancilari Dogum Sancilari
Directed by Lara Shapiro
Artists Janeane Garofalo
as Claire the Vista Host
Barry Papick
as Tim
Keiko Agena
as Pregnant Bookstore Woman
Release date 19 Jun 2009
Genre Comedy Romance
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Labor Pains 2009