La linea 2008

The unstable new kingpin of a Tijuana drug cartel is targeted by an assassin for elimination.

All Titles
  • MX: La linea La linea
  • BR: O Cartel O Cartel
  • BG: Линията Линията
  • CA: La ligne La ligne
  • FI: Kartelli Kartelli
  • DE: La Linea - The Line La Linea - The Line
  • DE: Deal mit dem Feind Deal mit dem Feind
  • GR: Kokkini grammi Kokkini grammi
  • HU: A határvonal A határvonal
  • NO: The Line (La linea) The Line (La linea)
  • PL: Szlak smierci Szlak smierci
  • PT: La Linea - Rota Perigosa La Linea - Rota Perigosa
  • RO: Linia Linia
  • RU: Линия Линия
  • ES: La línea La línea
  • SE: Kartellen Kartellen
  • TR: Sinir Sinir
  • MX: La Linea (The Line) La Linea (The Line)
  • MX: La Linea - The Line La Linea - The Line
  • MX: The Line The Line
Directed by James Cotten
Artists Andy Garcia
as Javier Salazar
Ray Liotta
as Mark Shields
Armand Assante
as Padre Antonio
Release date 22 Dec 2011
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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