Koja je ovo drzava! 2018

A story about suicidal general, a minister who voluntarily locks himself inside a prison cell, and 4 pensioners, who steal the coffin with the remains of the late Croatian president.

All Titles
  • HR: Koja je ovo drzava! Koja je ovo drzava!
  • HR: Koja je ovo država! Koja je ovo država!
  • PL: Stan wyjątkowy Stan wyjątkowy
  • HR: What a Country! What a Country!
Directed by Vinko Bresan
Artists Sebastian Cavazza
as Premijer
Branko Cvejic
as Zivojin
Gordana Gadzic
as Zivojinova zena Suzana
Release date 03 Jan 2019
Genre Comedy Drama
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