Knocked Up 2007

For fun-loving party animal Ben Stone, the last thing he ever expected was for his one-night stand to show up on his doorstep eight weeks later to tell him she's pregnant with his child.

All Titles
  • Untitled Judd Apatow Project
  • AR: Ligeramente embarazada Ligeramente embarazada
  • BE: En cloque, mode d'emploi En cloque, mode d'emploi
  • BR: Ligeiramente Grávidos Ligeiramente Grávidos
  • BG: Позабременяла Позабременяла
  • CA: Grossesse surprise Grossesse surprise
  • HR: Zalomilo se Zalomilo se
  • EE: Kõht ette Kõht ette
  • FI: Paksuna Paksuna
  • FR: En cloque, mode d'emploi En cloque, mode d'emploi
  • DE: Beim ersten Mal Beim ersten Mal
  • GR: Me tin proti Me tin proti
  • GR: Με την πρώτη Με την πρώτη
  • HU: Felkoppintva Felkoppintva
  • IT: Molto incinta Molto incinta
  • LT: Užkibo Užkibo
  • MX: Ligeramente embarazada Ligeramente embarazada
  • PE: Ligeramente embarazada Ligeramente embarazada
  • PL: Wpadka Wpadka
  • PT: Um Azar do Caraças Um Azar do Caraças
  • RO: Un pic însarcinata Un pic însarcinata
  • RU: Немножко беременна Немножко беременна
  • RS: Zaglavilo se Zaglavilo se
  • SI: Napumpana Napumpana
  • ES: Lío embarazoso Lío embarazoso
  • SE: På smällen På smällen
  • TR: Kaza kursunu Kaza kursunu
  • UA: Трiшки вагiтна Трiшки вагiтна
  • UY: Ligeramente embarazada Ligeramente embarazada
Directed by Judd Apatow show all movies of Judd Apatow
Artists Harold Ramis
as Ben's Dad
Katherine Heigl
as Alison Scott
J.P. Manoux
as Dr. Angelo
Release date 01 Jun 2007
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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