Juwanna Mann 2002

A basketball star is booted out of the NBA when his on-court antics go too far, so he poses as a woman and joins the WUBA.

All Titles
  • AR: Juwanna Mann Juwanna Mann
  • AT: Mister Sister Mister Sister
  • BR: Juwanna Mann Juwanna Mann
  • FI: Juwanna Mann - gimmat donkkaa tykimmin Juwanna Mann - gimmat donkkaa tykimmin
  • FR: Juwanna Mann Juwanna Mann
  • GR: Ola tou basket dyskola... Ola tou basket dyskola...
  • GR: Όλα του Μπάσκετ... δύσκολα Όλα του Μπάσκετ... δύσκολα
  • HU: C-kosár C-kosár
  • RU: Суперстар Суперстар
  • ES: Juwanna Mann Juwanna Mann
Directed by Jesse Vaughan show all movies of Jesse Vaughan
Artists Vivica A. Fox
as Michelle Langford
Kevin Pollak
as Lorne Daniels
Jay Leno
as Jay Leno
Release date 21 Jun 2002
Genre Comedy Drama Romance Sport
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