Judging Amy 1999

A family drama focused on three generations of women living together in Hartford, Connecticut. Amy Brenneman plays Amy Gray, who left New York City behind and now works as a family court ...

All Titles
  • AR: La juez Amy La juez Amy
  • BR: A Juíza A Juíza
  • BG: Съдия Ейми Съдия Ейми
  • HR: Sutkinja Amy Sutkinja Amy
  • DK: Amys ret Amys ret
  • FI: Amyn lailla Amyn lailla
  • FR: Amy Amy
  • DE: Für alle Fälle Amy Für alle Fälle Amy
  • GR: Judging Amy Judging Amy
  • HU: Amynek ítélve Amynek ítélve
  • IT: Giudice Amy Giudice Amy
  • PL: Potyczki Amy Potyczki Amy
  • RO: Amy Amy
  • RU: Справедливая Эми Справедливая Эми
  • ES: La juez Amy La juez Amy
  • SE: Vem dömer Amy? Vem dömer Amy?
Artists Sherilyn Fenn
as 1 episode, 2005
Barbara Carrera
as 2 episodes, 2004
Release date 19 Sep 1999
Genre Drama
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