Judge Priest 1934

Judge Priest, a proud Confederate veteran, uses common sense and considerable humanity to dispense justice in a small town in the Post-Bellum Kentucky.

All Titles
  • Судья Прист
  • Old Judge Priest
  • BR: Juiz Priest Juiz Priest
  • FI: Tuomari Priest Tuomari Priest
  • IT: Il giudice Il giudice
  • PL: Sedzia Priest Sedzia Priest
  • PT: O Juiz Priest O Juiz Priest
  • ES: El juez Priest El juez Priest
  • SE: Småstadsdomaren Småstadsdomaren
  • VE: El juez El juez
  • YU: Sudija Prist Sudija Prist
Directed by John Ford show all movies of John Ford
Artists Melba Brown
as Black Singer
Thelma Brown
as Black Singer
Tom Brown
as Jerome Priest
Release date 28 Sep 1934
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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