Joyful Noise 2012

G.G. Sparrow faces off with her choir's newly appointed director, Vi Rose Hill, over the group's direction as they head into a national competition.

All Titles
  • AR: Canción del corazón Canción del corazón
  • BR: Canção do Coração Canção do Coração
  • BR: Canção de Fé Canção de Fé
  • BG: Радостен шум Радостен шум
  • FI: Soul-Siskot Soul-Siskot
  • GR: Grinia meta mousikis Grinia meta mousikis
  • HU: Örömzene Örömzene
  • IT: Joyful Noise - Armonie del cuore Joyful Noise - Armonie del cuore
  • LT: Džiaugsmingas triuksmas Džiaugsmingas triuksmas
  • PL: Radosnie spiewajmy Radosnie spiewajmy
  • PT: Hino da Alegria Hino da Alegria
  • RU: Радостный шум Радостный шум
  • ES: Las chicas del coro Las chicas del coro
  • TR: Neseli Gürültü Neseli Gürültü
Directed by Todd Graff show all movies of Todd Graff
Artists Dolly Parton
as G.G. Sparrow
Kris Kristofferson
as Bernard Sparrow
Queen Latifah
as Vi Rose Hill
Release date 13 Jan 2012
Genre Comedy Drama Music
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