Jeux interdits 1952

A young French girl orphaned in a Nazi air attack is befriended by the son of a poor farmer, and together they try to come to terms with the realities of death.

All Titles
  • Forbidden Games
  • FR: Jeux interdits Jeux interdits
  • AR: Juegos prohibidos Juegos prohibidos
  • AT: Verbotene Spiele Verbotene Spiele
  • BE: Jeux interdits Jeux interdits
  • BE: Verboden spelen Verboden spelen
  • BR: Brinquedo Proibido Brinquedo Proibido
  • DK: Forbudte lege Forbudte lege
  • FI: Kielletyt leikit Kielletyt leikit
  • GR: Apigorevmena paihnidia Apigorevmena paihnidia
  • HU: Tiltott játékok Tiltott játékok
  • IT: Giochi proibiti Giochi proibiti
  • NO: Forbudt lek Forbudt lek
  • PL: Zakazane zabawy Zakazane zabawy
  • PT: Brincadeiras Proibidas Brincadeiras Proibidas
  • RO: Jocuri interzise Jocuri interzise
  • RS: Zabranjene igre Zabranjene igre
  • FR: Запрещённые игры Запрещённые игры
  • ES: Juegos prohibidos Juegos prohibidos
  • SE: Förbjuden lek Förbjuden lek
  • TR: Yasak Oyunlar Yasak Oyunlar
  • UA: Забороненi iгри Забороненi iгри
  • FR: Verbotene Spiele Verbotene Spiele
  • FR: Forbidden Games Forbidden Games
  • YU: Zabranjene igre Zabranjene igre
  • : The Secret Game The Secret Game
Directed by René Clément show all movies of René Clément
Release date 08 Dec 1952
Genre Drama War
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