Jagoda u supermarketu 2003

An ex-soldier storms a supermarket and takes all the cashiers captive because one of them insulted his grandmother.

All Titles
  • RS: Jagoda u supermarketu Jagoda u supermarketu
  • BR: Jagoda E o Supermercado Jagoda E o Supermercado
  • BG: Ягода в супермаркета Ягода в супермаркета
  • DK: Jagoda i supermarkedet Jagoda i supermarkedet
  • DE: Jagoda im Supermarkt Jagoda im Supermarkt
  • GR: I Jagoda sto supermarket I Jagoda sto supermarket
  • HU: Jagoda, avagy eper a szupermarketben Jagoda, avagy eper a szupermarketben
  • IT: Jagoda: Fragole al supermarket Jagoda: Fragole al supermarket
  • PL: Jagoda w supermarkecie Jagoda w supermarkecie
  • RU: Клубничка в супермаркете Клубничка в супермаркете
  • RS: Jagoda u supermarketu Jagoda u supermarketu
  • RS: Strawberries in the Supermarket Strawberries in the Supermarket
Directed by Dusan Milic
Artists Emir Kusturica
as General
Stela Cetkovic
as Draga
Branko Cvejic
as Dragan
Release date 28 May 2004
Genre Action Comedy Adventure Romance
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