It Happened Tomorrow 1944

A young turn-of-the-century newspaper man finds he can get hold of the next day's paper. This brings more problems than fortune, especially as his new girlfriend is part of a phony clairvoyant act.

All Titles
  • Это случилось завтра
  • René Clair's It Happened Tomorrow
  • Was morgen geschah
  • AT: Was morgen geschah Was morgen geschah
  • BE: C'est arrivé... demain C'est arrivé... demain
  • BE: C'est arrivé demain C'est arrivé demain
  • BE: Dit bebeurde Morgen Dit bebeurde Morgen
  • BR: O Tempo é uma Ilusão O Tempo é uma Ilusão
  • DK: Det skete i morgen Det skete i morgen
  • FI: Tapahtui huomenna Tapahtui huomenna
  • FR: C'est arrivé demain C'est arrivé demain
  • DE: Es geschah morgen Es geschah morgen
  • HU: Holnap történt Holnap történt
  • IT: Ora X, colpo sensazionale Ora X, colpo sensazionale
  • IT: Avvenne... domani Avvenne... domani
  • MX: Hoy es mañana Hoy es mañana
  • PL: Zdarzylo sie to jutro Zdarzylo sie to jutro
  • PT: Aconteceu Amanhã Aconteceu Amanhã
  • RO: S-a întâmplat mâine S-a întâmplat mâine
  • ES: Sucedió mañana Sucedió mañana
  • SE: Det hände i morgon Det hände i morgon
  • YU: Sutrasnje novine Sutrasnje novine
Directed by René Clair
Artists Paul Guilfoyle
as Shep
Stanley Andrews
as Policeman
Release date 07 Apr 1944
Genre Comedy Fantasy
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