Ironside 1967

Wheelchair-bound detective Robert T. Ironside battles the bad guys on the streets of San Francisco.

All Titles
  • Железная сторона
  • The Raymond Burr Show
  • Der Chef
  • BR: Têmpera de Aço Têmpera de Aço
  • FI: Etsivä Ironside Etsivä Ironside
  • FR: L'homme de fer L'homme de fer
  • DE: Der Chef Der Chef
  • IT: Ironside Ironside
  • ES: Ironside Ironside
  • SE: Brottsplats: San Francisco Brottsplats: San Francisco
  • UA: A Man Called Ironside A Man Called Ironside
Artists Bruce Lee
as 1 episode, 1967
Anne Archer
as 1 episode, 1971
Walter Koenig
as 1 episode, 1971
Release date 14 Sep 1967
Genre Crime Drama Mystery
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