Invisible Sister 2015

Teenager Cleo's school science project goes quite awry, causing her popular older sister Molly to go invisible.

All Titles
  • BR: Minha Irmã Invisível Minha Irmã Invisível
  • BG: Моята невидима сестра Моята невидима сестра
  • FR: Ma soeur est invisible! Ma soeur est invisible!
  • DE: Überraschend unsichtbar Überraschend unsichtbar
  • GR: Η Αόρατη Αδερφή Μου Η Αόρατη Αδερφή Μου
  • HU: A láthatatlan tesó A láthatatlan tesó
  • IT: Mia sorella è invisibile! Mia sorella è invisibile!
  • PL: Moja niewidzialna Siostra Moja niewidzialna Siostra
  • PT: A Minha irmã Invisível A Minha irmã Invisível
  • RO: Sora mea invizibila Sora mea invizibila
  • RU: Невидимая сестра Невидимая сестра
  • ES: Mi hermana invisible Mi hermana invisible
Directed by Paul Hoen show all movies of Paul Hoen
Artists Alex Désert
as Mr. Perkins
Scott Reeves
as Dad
Jennifer Jalene
as Mom
Release date 09 Oct 2015
Genre Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy
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