Inspector Gadget 1999

A security guard's dreams come true when he is selected to be transformed into a cybernetic police officer.

All Titles
  • The Real Inspector Gadget
  • AR: Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget
  • BR: Inspetor Bugiganga Inspetor Bugiganga
  • BG: Инспектор Гаджет Инспектор Гаджет
  • CA: Inspecteur Gadget Inspecteur Gadget
  • HR: Inspektor Gadget Inspektor Gadget
  • DK: Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget
  • FI: Detektiv Gadget Detektiv Gadget
  • FI: Etsivä Gadget Etsivä Gadget
  • FR: Inspecteur Gadget Inspecteur Gadget
  • DE: Inspektor Gadget Inspektor Gadget
  • GR: Astynomos Sainis Astynomos Sainis
  • GR: Αστυνόμος Σαΐνης Αστυνόμος Σαΐνης
  • HU: Bigyó felügyelő Bigyó felügyelő
  • IT: Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget
  • JP: Go! Go! Gadget Go! Go! Gadget
  • LT: Inspektorius Gadzetas Inspektorius Gadzetas
  • NO: Inspektør Gadget Inspektør Gadget
  • PL: Inspektor Gadzet Inspektor Gadzet
  • PT: Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget
  • RO: Inspectorul Gadget Inspectorul Gadget
  • RU: Инспектор Гаджет Инспектор Гаджет
  • RS: Inspektor Gadžet 1 Inspektor Gadžet 1
  • ES: Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget
  • SE: Gadget Gadget
  • TR: Müfettis Gadget Müfettis Gadget
Directed by David Kellogg
Artists Matthew Broderick
as Inspector Gadget / Robo Gadget / John Brown
Rupert Everett
as Sanford Scolex
Dabney Coleman
as Chief Quimby
Release date 23 Jul 1999
Genre Action Adventure Comedy Crime Family Sci-Fi
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