Inside Man 2006

A police detective, a bank robber, and a high-power broker enter high-stakes negotiations after the criminal's brilliant heist spirals into a hostage situation.

All Titles
  • AR: El plan perfecto El plan perfecto
  • BR: O Plano Perfeito O Plano Perfeito
  • BG: Човек отвътре Човек отвътре
  • CA: L'informateur L'informateur
  • HR: Insider Insider
  • CZ: Spojenec Spojenec
  • DK: Inside Man Inside Man
  • EE: Keegi seestpoolt Keegi seestpoolt
  • FR: Inside Man - L'homme de l'intérieur Inside Man - L'homme de l'intérieur
  • DE: Inside Man Inside Man
  • GR: O ypokinitis O ypokinitis
  • GR: Ο υποκινητής Ο υποκινητής
  • HU: A belső ember A belső ember
  • IL: Ha'ish she'bifnim Ha'ish she'bifnim
  • JP: Inside Man Inside Man
  • LT: Savas žmogus Savas žmogus
  • PL: Plan doskonały Plan doskonały
  • PT: Infiltrado Infiltrado
  • RO: Omul din interior Omul din interior
  • RU: Не пойман - не вор Не пойман - не вор
  • RS: Čovek iznutra Čovek iznutra
  • RS: Insajder Insajder
  • SI: Insajder Insajder
  • ES: Plan oculto Plan oculto
  • TR: Içerideki adam Içerideki adam
  • UA: Не впiймали - не злодiй Не впiймали - не злодiй
  • UY: El plan perfecto El plan perfecto
Directed by Spike Lee
Artists Jodie Foster
as Madeleine White
Denzel Washington
as Detective Keith Frazier
Willem Dafoe
as Captain John Darius
Release date 24 Mar 2006
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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Inside Man 2006