Inhale 2010

A couple goes to dangerous lengths to find a lung donor for their daughter.

All Titles
  • Run for Her Life
  • BR: Tráfico de Órgãos Tráfico de Órgãos
  • BG: Вдишване Вдишване
  • EE: Hingus Hingus
  • FI: Hengenvaarassa Hengenvaarassa
  • FR: État de choc État de choc
  • DE: Run for Her Life Run for Her Life
  • GR: Sta oria zois kai thanatou Sta oria zois kai thanatou
  • GR: Στα Ορια Ζωής και Θανάτου Στα Ορια Ζωής και Θανάτου
  • HU: Lélegezz! Lélegezz!
  • IT: Una tragica scelta Una tragica scelta
  • PT: Em Último Recurso Em Último Recurso
  • RU: До последнего вздоха До последнего вздоха
  • ES: Inhale Inhale
  • TR: Nefes nefese Nefes nefese
Directed by Baltasar Kormákur
Artists Rosanna Arquette
as Dr. Rubin
Dermot Mulroney
as Paul Stanton
Vincent Perez
as Dr. Martinez
Release date 22 Oct 2010
Genre Drama Thriller
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