Indictment: The McMartin Trial 1995

Based on a real-life court case, the film finds members of the McMartin family on trial for alleged sexual molestation and abuse of children at their well-regarded preschool. ...

All Titles
  • AR: Acusados Acusados
  • BR: Acusação Acusação
  • CA: Mise en Accusation Mise en Accusation
  • FI: Syytteessä Syytteessä
  • FR: Le silence des innocents Le silence des innocents
  • DE: Unter Anklage - Der Fall McMartin Unter Anklage - Der Fall McMartin
  • GR: Katangelia - I diki tou McMartin Katangelia - I diki tou McMartin
  • HU: Megbélyegezve: A McMartin-per Megbélyegezve: A McMartin-per
  • IT: L'asilo maledetto L'asilo maledetto
  • NO: Mistenkt Mistenkt
  • PL: Swiadek oskarzenia Swiadek oskarzenia
  • PT: O Silêncio dos Acusados O Silêncio dos Acusados
  • RO: Controversele unui caz celebru Controversele unui caz celebru
  • RU: Вердикт: Суд над МакМартинами Вердикт: Суд над МакМартинами
  • RS: Optužba: Slučaj McMartin Optužba: Slučaj McMartin
  • ES: El caso McMartin El caso McMartin
Directed by Mick Jackson show all movies of Mick Jackson
Artists James Woods
as Danny Davis
James Cromwell
as Judge Pounders
Lolita Davidovich
as Kee McFarlane
Release date 20 May 1995
Genre Drama Thriller
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