In & Out 1997

A midwestern teacher questions his sexuality after a former student makes a comment about him at the Academy Awards.

All Titles
  • In & Out
  • AR: ¿Es o no es? ¿Es o no es?
  • AU: In and Out In and Out
  • BR: Será que Ele é? Será que Ele é?
  • BG: Няма скрито покрито Няма скрито покрито
  • CA: Le pot aux roses Le pot aux roses
  • DK: In & Out In & Out
  • FI: Ollakko vai eikö olla? Ollakko vai eikö olla?
  • FR: In & Out In & Out
  • DE: In & Out - Rosa wie die Liebe In & Out - Rosa wie die Liebe
  • GR: In & Out In & Out
  • HU: A boldogító nem A boldogító nem
  • LT: Ten ir atgal Ten ir atgal
  • MX: ¿Es o no es? ¿Es o no es?
  • PE: ¿Es o no es? ¿Es o no es?
  • PL: Przodem do tylu Przodem do tylu
  • PT: Dentro e Fora Dentro e Fora
  • RU: Вхoд и выход Вхoд и выход
  • RS: Tamo ovamo Tamo ovamo
  • SI: Je ali ni? Je ali ni?
  • ES: In & Out (Dentro o fuera) In & Out (Dentro o fuera)
  • SE: Ute eller inte Ute eller inte
  • TR: Vücut dili Vücut dili
  • UY: ¿Es o no es? ¿Es o no es?
Directed by Frank Oz
Artists Whoopi Goldberg
as Whoopi Goldberg
Kevin Kline
as Howard Brackett
Glenn Close
as Glenn Close
Release date 19 Sep 1997
Genre Comedy Romance
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